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Members come from as far afield as Blackburn, Burnley, Chorley, Leyland, Nelson, Preston and the many surrounding villages.

The cost of full membership will be £45.00 per annum for 2023. Membership benefits include 9 monthly lectures, a triannual magazine, and opportunities to join well-researched and organised holidays, special lectures and volunteering groups. 

National membership is available at a cost of £10 for those who wish only to be active within the Heritage Volunteers, Trails of Discovery and Arts Appreciation. Membership provides the triannual magazine and insurance cover whilst working on projects.

Prospective members and others interested in our society and its activities are welcome to attend individual lectures as guests for a nominal donation of £10.00.

For more information please get in touch with Annie Ryder

Please tell us what do you thought of our previous lecture(s), any kind of feedback is highly appreciated.
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